Air Preheaters

The Air Preheater is a regenerative Heat Exchanger between the boiler flue gases and the air. Air Preheater absorbs the heat of the flue gases escaping from the boiler, and transfers the heat to the air going into the combustion chamber by means of the heating elements incorporated in the continuously rotating rotor.

As the rotor continuously rotates, the heating elements alternate through the hot gases and the air passages, thereby absorbing the heat from the passing hot gas stream, and then....

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Electrostatic Precipitators

Clean environment with clean Air is essential for all people. However, we are polluting the Environment continuously in a number of ways. Air pollution is one of the main problems of Environmental Pollution today. The Industrial waste gases are polluting the environment and directly harm people's health and also affect further development of the Industries.

With the aim of the communities, industries, Governments to control Air Pollution in industries, now a days Electrostatic Precipitators....

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  • Efforts are being made by the Telangana Government to set up a steel plant in Khammam and a team from SAIL visits 3 sites for possible steel plant project.
  • NTPC seeks lifting load restriction on its 2 State-I unit, each of 500 MW at its 3,000 MW (5x600) plant at Kanihar near Talcher.
  • Eastern region is set to push India's steel capacity with an investment of nearly INR 9 lakh crore for creating an additional 160 million tonnes per annum capacity in the next 10 to 15 years.