Air Preheaters

Air Preheaters

The Air Preheater is a regenerative Heat Exchanger between the boiler flue gases and the air. Air Preheater absorbs the heat of the flue gases escaping from the boiler, and transfers the heat to the air going into the combustion chamber by means of the heating elements incorporated in the continuously rotating rotor.

As the rotor continuously rotates, the heating elements alternate through the hot gases and the air passages, thereby absorbing the heat from the passing hot gas stream, and then transferring it to the air stream, thus increasing the temperature of the incoming combustion air. The Air Preheater provides upto 20% of the total heat transfer in the boiler process.

Imeco and Air Preheaters

In 1980's, the manufacturing of Air Preheater Elements was taken up by Imeco, to meet the requirements of the Indian Power Sector. The Management invested in Plant and Machinery to produce and supply full range of Air Preheater Baskets as Replacement spares for popular makes of Regenerative Air Preheater units.

Apart from considerable investment in Plant and Machinery, the Company progressively set up in-house research and development facilities working in tandem with its Quality Assurance Department.

This has resulted in Imeco Limited becoming a formidable producer and supplier of various products and services for Regenerative Air Preheaters, having in place all the necessary Quality Assurance, Production base, automated Design / Drawing facility fully backed with after-sales service. Today Imeco enjoys the reputation of being one of the mot dominant producers of Air Preheater products and services for industries across the Globe.