Components of ESP

Components for Electrostatic Precipitators

Imeco is the most trusted source for supply of internals for Electrostatic Precipitators for all major designs including the following: -

  • Flakt / SF / Alstom
  • Lurgi
  • Research Cottrell
  • Lodge Cottrell
  • Higher Resistance against corrosion
  • Beth
  • Peabody
  • Etc

The supply range of Imeco includes various mechanical and electrical internals for Electrostatic Precipitators. Imeco has a state of the art manufacturing facility available at Kharagpur for production of most of the items. The product range includes the following:

  • Collective Electrodes
  • Dishcharge Electrodes
  • Gas Screen Screens
  • Collecting / Discharge Electrode Frames
  • Rapping Mechanism with Shafts and Hammers
  • Inner and outer Arms for Rapping Mechanism
  • Heating Elements for Hopper and Support Insulator
  • Disconnecting Switch Assembly
  • Geared Motors
  • Control Panels
  • All Mechanical Parts Etc

The above list is only indicative and not exhaustive. Most of the above items are manufactured at the Kharagpur works on automatic machines. The manufacturing activities for Electrostatic Precipitator components at Imeco are done under the supervision of highly experienced engineers having full knowledge about the end use and the functionality of the equipment, thus ensuring higher performance and better efficiency in dust collection.

Imeco has supplied the above items to an innumerable number of customers ranging from various industries including Power, Steel, Cement, Paper, Fertilizer, Sponge Iron, Bio-Mass, Zinc Smelters, Copper Smelters etc. Imecos' Electrostatic Precipitator parts have also received international recognition and are being exported to many countries across the Globe.

Apart from end users, Imeco is also supplying various items including Collecting / Discharge Electrodes, Insulators etc to many Original Equipment Manufacturers. for their new projects meeting their stringent quality requirements.

Components for Electrostatic Precipitators - Mechanical

Imeco is manufacturing and supplying all the major mechanical internals for Electrostatic Precipitators including Collecting Electrodes, Discharge / Emitting Electrodes, Rapping Mechanism including Hammers / Bearings, Gas Distribution Screens, Frame Assemblies, Inspection Doors, Hopper Discharge Systems, etc for all major designs.

Collecting Electrodes

Collecting plates are designed to receive and retain the precipitated particles and then removed into the hopper. In addition, the collecting plates are part of the electrical power circuit of the precipitator. Baffle plates shield the precipitated particles from the gas flow and smooth surfaces provide for high operating voltages. Collecting plates are suspended from the precipitator casing and form the gas passages of the precipitator.

Collecting plates are connected at or near the center by rapper beams, which then serve as impact points for the rapping system. Top, center, or bottom spacer bars may be used to keep the collecting plates aligned. This maintains electrical clearances to the discharge system. ESP Collecting Electrodes are manufactured from steel strip which is cold rolled formed to the desired profiles.

Imeco has automatic Cold Rolling Machines installed at the Kharagpur Works to manufacture all profiles of Collecting Electrodes of width upto 1260mm and length upto 20 meters. Presently the profile range includes Flakt, Lurgi (CSV and ZT), Research Cottrell, Lodge Cottrell, Russian, Peabody etc. Imeco is also equipped customize the specific requirements for their valued customers.

Discharge Electrodes

Discharge electrodes emit charging current and provide voltage. This generates an electrical field between the discharge electrodes and the collecting plates. The electrical field forces dust particles in the gas stream to migrate towards the collecting plates. Finally the particles precipitate onto the plates. Imecos' range of discharge electrodes include the following: -

  • Straight Round Wires
  • Twisted pairs of Wires
  • Barbed Discharge Wires
  • Rigid Masts
  • Rigid Frames
  • Rigid Spiked Pipes
  • Spiral Wires
  • Etc

Discharge electrodes are typically supported from the upperdischarge frame and are held in alignment between the upper and lower discharge frames. The upper discharge frame is in turn supported from the roof of the precipitator casing.

Imeco has manufactured and supplied millions of Discharge / Emitting Electrodes of various standard and customized designs as per specific requirements.

Gas Distribution Screens

These Screens are of modular design manufactured out of Steel sheets and hang within a frame work in the Electrostatic Precipitator inlet casing to maintain uniform distribution pattern of gas flow throughout the cross section of ESP.

Rapping Mechanism

The whole emitting frame system is suspended from the roof through Supporting Insulator to avoid any short-circuiting. The Rapping Mechanism Shaft for electrodes is connected to the driving mechanism through Shaft Insulator.

The collecting electrodes are fixed loosely to suspension beams on pins. They are joined together in the bottom rapping beam. Both, the firm bottom and the top loose attachment provide a perfect transfer of energy from the rapping hammers to the entire row of collecting electrodes. The rapping is carried out in regular, programmed intervals and guarantees removal of deposited dust from the electrodes to the hoppers.

Hammers strike the collecting plates and rigid electrodes directly, so that all areas receive proper rapping acceleration and no energy is lost to support structure.

Apart from the complete Rapping system, Imeco is also meeting requirements of various replacements parts including Inner / Outer Arms, Plain Bearings, Shock Bars / Pads / Guides etc.

Components for Electrostatic Precipitators - Electrical

Imeco is manufacturing and supplying all major electrical internals for Electrostatic Precipitators including Insulators, Disconnecting Switch Assembly, Control Panels, Heating Elements / Hopper Heaters, Hopper level Indicators etc for all major designs.


High Voltage Porcelain Insulators provide support to the electrodes and electrically isolates them from the casings. Imeco offers all types of Insulators including the following: -

  • Conical Insulators
  • Cylindrical Insulators
  • Shaft Insulators
  • Pin Insulators
  • Wall Through Bushing Insulators
  • Bus Duct Insulators
  • Rapper Insulators
  • Etc

Most of these Insulators are available on ex-stock basis as we keep an inventory for the fast moving insulators. The insulators are designed to withstand temperature variations and High Voltage electrical load.

Heating Elements and Control Panels

Imeco offers all types and variations of Heating Elements including Hopper Heaters, Insulator Heaters, Thermostats for all designs of Electrostatic Precipitators.

The Hopper Heaters ensure that the moisture is removed from the hoppers so that the dislodging is not affected by deposition of moisture. Alternately, the Insulator heaters keep the Air ingress through the insulators warm as required.

Imeco offers single chip microprocessor based control panels for Electrostatic Precipitators, which ensures trouble free operation of the Electrostatic Precipitator and gives real time data and information with regard to the operating parameters.

Disconnecting Switch Assemblies

Imeco offers Disconnecting Switch Assemblies for Electrostatic Precipitators with attractive delivery schedules and at competitive prices. For easy replacements, the switch in contained in its own box. Keeping safety in view, it is a requirement that the transformer rectifier is safely grounded before entry. As such, the Disconnecting Switch Assembly allows safe isolation of the Electrostatic Precipitator from the Transformer Rectifier.